The Wall and the Stairs

We have all been there before.

A wall lies in front of us and all we can see is this:


I think we know it can’t be all there is.

I think we understand that there has to be more, but that is all we know.

It is what makes up our life.

Sometimes when were are having a good day, we manage to look up.

Even those days we might still only manage to see:


Our view has changed, but our mindset has not.

We are still only looking at the wall directly in front of our faces.

I’m helping a young boy learn math at a local school.

All he has ever known is the wall of failure.

All he can draw upon is the sight of the wall…the thought that he can’t.

It pains me to see him say he can’t do it, before he even tries.

He may not learn a drastic amount of math under mu tutelage.

He may still be behind his classmates.

But what I am hoping is that he turns to the side and sees:


My hope and prayers for him is that he will see stairs.

A way around or over his wall.

There is hope.

God will help.

My young friend can do it.

So can you.

So can I.

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