A Snowball Fight with Strangers

Earlier this month a friend of mine visited for a few days before her mission’s training a couple of hours north of here. While here I was able to show her a chocolate factory in Switzerland, a castle in France and we hiked a hill in Germany. All in all it was full of good food and fun times! The best part, though, was a random snowball fight we were in with some strangers in Gruyère, Switzerland (ok, the best part was the all you can eat chocolate, but this was a close second).

Here we were in a cute, little, Switzerland town and I decided to throw a snowball in the general direction of some people standing below us. I thought I would get a negative reaction from them, but instead, they laughed and fired back. Now, to set the scene, we were about 50 feet above them and another 30 feet away and yet, they tried to fight back. The snowballs flew, from above, from below and then surprising us even more…from the left. Another random couple joined in. It was an all out battle, those with the advantage against those below. The snowballs kept flying with no one really connecting until my friend launched one, not knowing where his victim was (he was hiding behind a building) and it found its target. The girlfriend of the victim laughed hard and motioned that the snowball hit him in the head. As the fight wound down and the couple started to leave the guy took one last shot…at his girlfriend and for a second she believed we hit her and then she saw the truth, she had been betrayed by her former ally…and she laughed!

This moment was not something we could have captured in picture and if we had tried to we would have missed out on the fun. This moment was seized by all of us for what it was, silly fun. Sometimes it is nice to just have fun. Thanks to the strangers who made that possible and to my friends who didn’t think I was completely out of my mind. It was a good day.

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