Camino de Santiago: Devotionals

In preparation for the Camino I reached out to a bunch of my close friends and asked them to give me a favorite passage of their from the Bible. For each day of the Camino I wrote out the passage they gave me and included their name. Each day I would start out (if I remembered and wasn’t getting ready in a pitch black room) by reading the verse and the name of the person who gave it to me.

Throughout the day I would try to think about the verse, but even more so I would keep the person in mind and pray for them throughout the day. Since my Camino was a spiritual experience I needed prompts for prayer and for thought provoking topics. When you have 6+ hours of hiking, some days you run out of things to think about and these verses helped greatly!

This was my way of connecting with God and with my friends. It also helped keep me focused, or as my friend says, “Keep the main thing, the main thing.”

I’d be curious to know, what would you do to help keep yo spiritually focused on a long hike/trip like the Camino?

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