Camino de Santiago: Pushing Through the Pain

Pain is normal. Pain is expected. Pain is ever present. Pain is the Camino.

That may seem a bit dramatic to say, but let’s be honest, could you really imagine not having any pain after hiking 25 km (15 mi) every day for 32 days? I mean, really? No matter how much you prepare you can never really prepare for the Camino and even if you did, you will still experience pain. Whether the pain comes in the form of blisters, muscle soreness, bruised toes, knee issues or any other of a wide variety of possibilities, the pain is there.

For me, the pain was a bit different. I didn’t always share all of the details of my pain, because even what I did share caused some people to worry about me. I was fine, or mostly fine…whatever.

The three days prior to my start I was laid up in bed pretty sick. In fact, I considered not going at all, or at least taking an extra day in St. Jean before beginning, and yet, I did neither of those and started May 1st with a cold and cough. I felt decent, but it was obvious the cold wasn’t truly gone because on day 4 I went to an Urgent Care and had a doctor check it out. Turns out, he didn’t speak English nor I Spanish, so the prescription wasn’t for what I needed, but my sister came to the rescue and told me to get an inhaler and cough syrup for what was, most likely, bronchitis. The bronchitis could have ended my Camino, but I pushed on.

Soon after came a pain, that was excruciating towards the end of every day’s hike and when I would lay down. A simple device, that once again came on the suggestion of my sister, helped alleviate the vast majority of the pain. That pain may have ended my Camino, but I pushed on.

Then came the Achilles pain which caused every step to hurt. A train ride and two nights in a hotel helped make it a manageable pain. My Achilles should have ended my Camino, but I pushed on.

At this point you may be thinking, “What an idiot!” and you might be right, but I pushed through that pain and the last two weeks were nearly pain free. But why did I push through the pain? Well, simply put I wasn’t done yet. I wasn’t done connecting with God and other people. I wasn’t done researching for my work and quite frankly I wasn’t done growing.

Pain helps growth and if I would have given up on day 4, I wouldn’t have grown nearly as much as I did. Pain is a way in which we can be forced to grow or change. When we injure ourselves it may be forcing us to slow down and see more of what is happening which we may have ignored before. The pain after lifting weights is literally making us stronger. The pain of a break-up can help us see what we want/need in a relationship. The pain of this trip helped me rely on other people and pray to God for His will more than I may have done otherwise.

My Camino was painful; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I pushed through the pain so that I could grow. What pain are you experiencing right now that you might need to push through (with the help of God and others of course!)?

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