Camino de Santiago: Fat Man Walking

Fat, chubby, husky and pleasantly plump are all names I’ve heard before. And yes, pleasantly plump was actually the way someone suggested you refer to overweight people. My thought is, maybe refer to them by their name? But what do I know? That’s not really the point though. The point is that I am a big guy and I walked the Camino. I know I’m a big guy, it’s not like I can hide it.

Walking the Camino as a big guy, I really stick out since most people who hike the trail are a lot smaller than I am. That’s not to say that I was the only overweight person on the trail because that simply would not be true. There were several of us out there, doing what we needed to do to accomplish our goal. I may or may not have been the biggest person on the trail during my time (How could I possibly know that?), but I can say I was one of the biggest. This isn’t to pat myself on the back or anything. That’s not the point of this blog either.

The point of this blog is about judging. On the hike I saw a lot of people, of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, age, sexuality, religions, etc. I saw a lot of people and they were all very different. While walking I, unfortunately, made a lot of judgements in my head before even learning their name. I’d see the people out late every night and think one thing, then I’d see someone walking really slow or really fast and think another. It was sad, really, that I didn’t give people more of a shot before instantly judging them.

This is a problem that isn’t mine alone, but it needs to stop. We all need to stop doing those snap judgements. Sometimes the snap judgements may be correct, but that doesn’t make them the right thing to do. Just because someone is (insert trait here) doesn’t make them (insert trait here). I think most people who saw me on the Camino would never have guessed I was walking the whole 500 miles. And yet…I did. They would have probably also been surprised to hear I’ve run a marathon, 3 half-marathons, two triathlons and a bunch of other races as well. Again, not to brag, but rather to show that our initial judgements can be way off, so how about we say hello before we think we know all we need to know about them.

Go out there and say hello to someone. Take a chance that your judgements are wrong and find out for yourself.

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