Prayer Tuesday – Serbia












Serbia is a country of just under 8 million people. While 80% claim to be Christian only .6% are Evangelical. A majority of the people in Serbia equate religion with nationality so if you are Serbian, you are Orthodox.  Among all of the main faith groups (Orthodoxy, Islam and Catholicism) only the Evangelical communities worship in multi-cultural communities. The Balkan Wars left a range of unresolved issues: the devastated economy, a fragile democracy, and poor relations with neighboring countries and treatment of minority groups (including in Kosovo).

Please pray for:

  • the Evangelical communities to strengthen in numbers and be a catalyst for good.
  • the Serbian youth to not fall prey to the evils of the world and to find a new reason to live in Jesus Christ.
  • more missionaries to be led by God to Serbia.

Prayer Monday – Russia













Russia is the world’s largest country, extending across 9 time zones between the Baltic and the Pacific and lying in two different continents. With a population of over 140 million just under 94 million (67%) claim to be Christian while only just over 1.6 million are evangelical. After the fall of communism there was an influx of Christianity but within recent years it is becoming more difficult for missionaries to get into Russia, let alone stay for longer periods.

Please pray for:

  • The Russian Christians to unite and reach their fellow Russians for Christ.
  • Pray for sustainable, balanced growth that matches quality with quantity.
  • Religious freedom to stay a reality.

Prayer Monday – Romania














A former communist country, Romania has embraced the possibilities of a lucrative future by recently joining NATO and the EU. It has a huge percentage of Christians (96%) and is dominated by the Orthodox church (87%). An increasing percentage of the population is Evangelical but there is still opposition within the church itself. A lot of the Orthodox affiliation is “inherited” as opposed to a deeply held, personal relationship with Christ.

Please pray for:

  •  Church-planting efforts to have a great impact.
  • The growing missions movement in Romania and the other countries of the Balkan Peninsula.
  • The evangelical movement to grab the otherwise nominal believers within the church and ignite a fire for Jesus within them.



Prayer Monday – Portugal



Portugal, a country that the Protestant Reformation never reached, has just under 11 million people. Almost 94% claim to be Christian and 3% are Evangelical Christians. Recently there have been gains in the Evangelical movement, but due to disagreements between the denominations. There is also a major need for trained pastors and a few Bible schools are attempting to do just that.

Watch the video below and please pray for:

  • A united vision between the denominations – specifically for the Portuguese Evangelical Alliance to grow in impact.
  • More pastors to be adequately trained to lead their churches to become more of an impact.
  • For the young adult generation to continue to mature in Christ and become great witnesses for their fellow Portuguese.

Prayer Monday – Language school

So today’s prayer Monday is going to be a little different than my other ones. I started language school today and am in a group of 17 people who come from 12 different countries. Here is what I would like to do. I want to highlight each of the countries and ask for prayers for each country and for each person in my class from that country. Here are the countries and the number of people representing that country.

Kosovo – 1

Russia – 1

Spain – 4

Portugal – 1

Ukraine – 1

China – 1

Turkey – 2

Italy – 2

USA – me!

Romania – 1

Brazil – 1

Greece – 1

If you have a second or two please pray for these countries and these people. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I be a light to them even though the only language we share is the language we are learning?

Prayer Monday – Poland












Poland is a country of over 38 million people bordering the Baltic Sea as well as seven countries. Of those 38 million people a vast majority (almost 90%) are associated with the roman Catholic Church and a very small percentage (.3%) are evangelical Christians. Despite these numbers, in a somewhat recent survey, less than 1% of the total population said they believed that faith is necessary for a successful life.

Please pray for:

  • God to call more workers to Poland (fewest missionaries per capita).
  • Polish Evangelicals to be strong and active in their faith.

I recently came across a ministry called prayercast who’s goal is to produce a prayer video for every country in the world. I enjoyed the video on Poland, so I thought I would start sharing them whenever they have a video for the country of the week. So here is Poland!

Prayer Monday – Norway




Norway, a country of almost 5 million people is one of four Scandinavian countries. The vast majority of Norwegians are affiliated with the Christian church (91%) and it has one of the larger percentages of evangelicals in Europe that I have seen so far while doing Prayer Monday (8.4%). Norway has strong mission-sending traditions and lively mission vision today. Pentecostals and independent mission organizations within the Lutheran Church are the core of this sending tradition. Norway remains proportionally one of the top sending nations, even while again focusing on the renewed need for home missions. But a new wave of younger missionaries is called for.

Please pray for:

State-church pastors to be increasingly committed to biblical theology.

A revival among the church.

Norway’s many missionaries to be used by God for amazing things in all the nations they are serving in.

The younger generations to be reached through Christ-centered ministries.

Prayer Monday – Netherlands















First off let me include a link to a video my supervisor showed me about the Netherlands. It will probably confuse you more than help, but it will at least let you know that there is a difference between Holland and the Netherlands.

Now that we got that out of the way, how about we look at how we can be praying for the Dutch.

Many of the church buildings in the Netherlands have been converted to shops, apartments or event halls. Their are Christ-following congregations still, but some have let societal norms affect their teaching. Most churches are declining in size, but evangelical churches are growing. Too often the Dutch only want their faith for christenings, marriage blessings and funerals.

Please pray for:

The existing churches to reach out and plant more churches.

God’s protection from negative cultural influences.


Prayer Monday – Montenegro



Montenegro declared independence from Serbia in 2006 after being united with Serbia since the former Yugoslavia dissolved in 1992. Montenegrins call their little country the pearl of the Meditteranean, with its Adriatic coastline, mountains and lakes. It is beautiful, but its rocky landscape parallels the spiritual landscape. Of its 625,500 population, only somewhere in the 2oo’s claim to be active in their faith and attempting to reach others for Christ. It is a small, but growing population of believers with a growth rate of over 5% each year, but because there are so few the impact on a larger level is still to come.

Please pray for:

The evangelical community to reach out and continue to grow at an unprecedented rate.

More missionaries to feel a call to Montenegro as it is one of the least evangelized countries in Europe.

Couples and families to become active believers since family ties dominate every strata of society.

Prayer Monday – Monaco



Monaco, most known for gambling and a tax haven is the second smallest country in the world and has the highest population density. Close to 85% of those who live in this French speaking country consider themselves Roman Catholic. Almost 79% of the 33,00 who live in Monaco are expatriates. Whether they are expatriates or Monegasque very few are evangelical Christians.

Monaco could be a country of great influence in the Kingdom of God due to the many visitors and wealthy persons who come to Monaco. A strong Christian presence could be huge in spreading the Gospel in Monaco and throughout the rest of the world.

Please pray for:

Believers in Monaco to live out their faith to influence their friends, family, neighbors and visitors.

An excitement for God among those that do attend church.

Pray that committed believers in all four churches (Catholic, Anglican, French Reformed and the strongly evangelical, bilingual Monaco Christian Fellowship) might impact the whole of society.