Who have you learned the truth from?

About a month ago I wrote a blog titled “Who are you today? ” based on some bus bench graffiti in Kandern that I saw. Within a week or so I came across another “wh” question, this time in Andy Flannagan’s devotional book,  “God 360°.” Andy asked “Who have you learned the truth from?”
Take a second right now, pause and really think about this question. Who, in your life has taught you the truth? Was it your parents, a sibling, another family member? A teacher perhaps? A coach, a babysitter, a Sunday school teacher, or pastor? Who taught you truth? Who has helped you see clearer what really is going on in the world? Who helped open your eyes?
In the devotional Andy suggests to make a list of ten of those people, contact them and tell them how much you appreciate them for what they did. It may not be easy to find some of them, but I promise it will be worth it. I haven’t quite contacted all 10 of mine, but I plan on doing that this week.
I want to take this one step further though. My question is, who are you sharing the truth with? Make another list of ten people and if you can’t quite make it to ten, find some more people to invest in. If you share with over ten, awesome, find some more anyway!

Will you join me in answering these questions and will you share some stories about how your contacts or search for new people went? I would love to hear them!

Your Storyline – join the discussion!

Recently I picked up a book/workbook written by Donald Miller, the author of Blue Like Jazz and other very good books. Along with the book comes a free website community called MySubplot.com where you can create your story lines and help others with theirs. I have just started to set up my story lines and as part of the process I had to list 5 of my roles in life. Not that their are only 5 roles in my life, I was to list the 5 that I want to start working on right now. The idea is that you will continue to use this process for the rest of your life and complete and add story lines.

Here is the list that the book has for people to choose from:

Spiritual Being
Business Owner
Advocate For…..

For my first five I chose Spiritual Being, Family Member (Son/Brother), Friend, Athlete (no laughing please), Artist. I will talk more about this process when I am finished with the book and let you know what I am working on in my life.

What would your first five roles be?

Travelling – Join the discussion!

In a week I will be travelling back to Charleston and Maryland for some ministry partner development or “support raising” for those of you who aren’t hip to the new lingo. (Yeah I just used the words hip and lingo in the same sentence!) I love visiting both places, Charleston has recently become one of my favorite places and Maryland will always have a big place in my heart especially Dc and yes I know DC is not in Maryland.

My question for you for this Friday is what places do you find your self visiting more often than others when you get a chance to get away, whether its for a weekend or a month?


Join the discussion!

You call that art? Join the discussion!

This upcoming Sunday I am going to the Black Swamp Arts Festival in Bowling Green, Ohio with my mom. I enjoy art a lot, probably because I have never had much talent outside of photography. Creating a piece of art from a picture in your mind and making it reality is pretty incredible. I love going to art shows, but unfortunately I end up buying stuff at just about every show and I am beginning to wonder where I will put all of this stuff and if any of it will even work together. Anyway, if you have been to an art festival before you probably do the same thing as I do, skip some tents and stop at every single tent with a specific medium.

Here is the question of the day then. What kind of artwork do you always check out no matter what? What do you normally skip?


For me, it would probably be photography. Even though I rarely buy photographs from the fairs, I love looking at what someone could capture with their camera. How they could be at the exact right place at the exact right time with the exact right setting on their camera to get the perfect picture. Yeah, that amazes me. Probably a close second would anything carved in wood.

I tend to skip the jewelry tents, mostly because I’m a guy, yup that’s about the only reason!

Join the discussion!


Welcome back to question Friday!

Here is the question of the week. What are your hobbies?

I have realized over the past several years that I don’t really have a hobby. At least nothing I do consistently. I love taking pictures, but I typically only do that when I go on a trip or to a special event. I love to play board games, but only do that when I can get a group of like-minded individuals to play.

Give me some ideas and maybe by this time next week I can have a new hobby!

What are you reading right now

I like to read and most times don’t read enough, but I also like to find out what others are reading to add to my long list of books to read in the future.

Here’s my question, what are you reading right now and would you recommend it?

I am currently reading Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas about William Wilberforce who helped bring about the end of the slave trade in England. It is a very good book that is reminding me that God uses all types of people in all types of areas to bring about His plan. i will have a more detailed blog about my thoughts on this book as soon as I finish it.

I am also reading a book I got a while back called When Darkness Falls by James Grippando. I got it when it was free so I thought it was worth a shot. So far it is pretty good, but I am not too far yet.


Today is all about siblings. My brother is getting married tomorrow and since I have to figure out a story to tell about him, I have been thinking a lot about our relationship. I am going to cheat a little today because I’m not going to answer the question until Monday when I get back from Chicago. I still want to hear from you though, so please let me know your stories.

What is one good thing that your sibling has done for you that you will never forget? I want to know something (as personal, silly, or tear-jerking as you want) that your sibling has done for you that was good. No negative thoughts today, only happy ones. I’ll add a comment on here on Monday with my story so if you are interested come on back and check it out.