Jacob Coon
Kandern, Germany

Donations can be sent to (or go to “Partner With Me” for more options):

Greater Europe Mission
PO Box 1669
Monument, CO 80132-1669 USA

(Please put my account number on a slip of paper with the check not on the check itself – Account #10360)

6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Jacob,
    I found your information on linkedin and remember (I think) of being on the Emmaus Walk with you. I was a team member and am praising God for your continuous servanthood.

    1. Hey Andrew, I can’t remember what year my walk was, but it was in Bryan, OH and my brother and I (both big, bald guys) were there together so if that sounds familiar you probably were at the same one. Thanks for checking out my website and for the prayers.

  2. Jacob, Think of a meal that you have with someone that you really like (or not so much so).
    The fellowship (and the concepts that are exchanged) can be very conducive to a better life after you have finished that meal and gone your different ways. What we learn from the other person can be of large value. That can enhance life quite much. That can be the difference between solving a problem and keeping the problem until you converse with another person who might have even a better idea than the previous person. That is not just food for your body. That is food for a better life ahead of you (or the other person). It also depends on whether we can raise the level of conversation or not. Some people are brick walls. There’s not a lot of chance we can raise their level except hopefully by example. Then there is the opportunity that perhaps we must at least put forth an effort to raise the level. Otherwise, we might be guilty of the sin of omission – that we had the opportunity to raise the level of conversation and blew it. Once in a great while, that opportunity occurs to me. I can either stick in my 2 cents worth or sit on my couch and chew myself up royally that I had the opportunity to raise the level and I blew it. I don’t like guilt/regret. So I don’t like chewing myself up because I muffed it. Amazingly, apparently it did do some good. I was amazed that I had any influence at my department at all. Mostly we may just have to listen and suffice as a sounding board for the other person to get x off their chest. I know, that can be hard.

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say that what you are doing is so cool, especially how you are allowing God to lead you! I’ve always had a struggle with that, letting go and letting Him. As I enter my 30’s and still single, it’s even tougher. But seeing what you are doing and how you are following in faith is very encouraging.

    I happened to find your page as I read a blog by author Debra Fileta, and what you said in your “Will i be missed?” article was very powerful. Lately, i’ve been thinking a lot about my place in this world and what would happen if I died tomorrow; what would i be leaving behind? Would it make any difference at all? I’ve always felt like God has called me to change the world in some way. I work for the largest rescue mission in my state, and sometimes i get so overwhelmed by the stresses and challenges and office politics that i question if this is truly what God wants for me, if i’m really even making a difference. But, after reading your article, it helped me see that sometimes changing the world is a behind-the-scenes thing. it’s not about making a name, it’s about glorifying God, even in the tough times. It’s about who you are and what you do when no one is watching. It’s about pushing through, trusting God, and letting him do his thing. I’m just the vessel. the legacy I leave behind I really owe to God and what he’s doing through me.

    Anyway, thank you for your words of inspiration and for being an example of the kind of legacy that God uses to change the world. It strangely seemed to come at time when i really needed it. I’m sorry I’m too poor to give financially (I do work at a rescue mission, after all 😉 ), but I wanted to make sure you knew that you are making a difference. Keep up the good work, ok? 🙂

    1. Thank you Amanda, for your kind words. I am glad i can be an encouragement for others. It isn’t always easy for me, but when I remember to rely on His strength it makes it much easier.

  4. Jacob, Please take me along spiritually on that trip. It looks as though I am going to be limited to these 48 contiguous

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