Q & A

I asked for your questions and you provided. I will update this page periodically, so keep sending me more questions. I look forward to being challenged and helping you understand God’s mission for me more than you already do.

1. So you will be doing what exactly and for how long?

Technically my mission will be as an instructional designer for Greater Europe Mission’s eDOT in Kandern, Germany. If you are like most people, you probable just said, “Huh?” Well let me simplify it some. As an instructional designer I will be creating instruction for groups we partner with in order for them to be able to do what they do best. The instruction can come in the form of curriculum, or even learning on to use an app. If someone needs to learn something, I can help design the instruction.

I have committed to a minimum of five years (up in April of 2018), but am open to staying longer if that is what God calls me to do.

2. Why do you need to do that?

Let me paint you a picture (be thankful that I am not literally painting you a picture because if I did you would probably have no idea what it was). Throughout Europe there are people who have the skills to do evangelism, teach TEFL, disciple others, etc., but they lack the training to design the resources they would like to use and currently existing options are just too expensive. In comes eDOT and we help get them the resources they need to be the most effective that they can be. Whether they need a survey to help them understand the people in their community or a full-blown TEFL curriculum, eDOT and it’s partners can create those resources.

3. Why do you need to be in Germany to do that?

Besides the fact that logistically speaking it will be a lot easier to be closer to our partners, it also makes more sense for the Kingdom of God for me to be in Germany. In all, Europe is less than 3% Christian. Living in Germany will allow me to get involved in the community, get to know Germans and try to help bring more to Christ. That would be really hard to do from Toledo, not impossible, but definitely hard.

4. Just how much money do you have to raise?

I have to raise monthly pledges in total of $5100/month and is the number I use to calculate my percentage. This is the money that keeps me in Germany. People pledge to give money monthly for as long as I am a missionary or until there is some reason they cannot give. Of course, special gifts are also gladly accepted as they help provide a buffer for when credit cards get cancelled, jobs are lost, etc. and my ministry partners miss a month or two.


5. How can I help?

There are several ways people can help right now. You can commit to give monthly or through a special gift. You can also introduce me to your Bible study, friends, church, neighbor, etc (I promise not to weird them out!) when I make periodic trips back to the US. You can also keep me in your prayers as I can always use as many of those as possible.


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