Charity Miles, a way to exercise and help others

Tomorrow I plan on discussing being thankful like every other person in the blogging world, but today I wanted to highlight something that I found today that is pretty awesome!

Through Twitter I heard about an app called Charity Miles. It is very simple to use and it helps you and others at the same time. Here is the premise behind the app. You pick a charity, you run, walk or bike and depending on your distance you get sponsored for an a certain amount of items. There are several charities you can choose from and you earn different things for each charity. For example I ran for Habitat today and earned 2.5 pieces of lumber for one mile of running. It’s not a lot, but it’s something! What’s cool beyond that is that as soon as I submitted my run, I got an e-mail with a map of where I ran. That was unexpected and pretty nice!

I have only done one run with them so I don’t know the items you earn, but I wanted to give you a list of the charities and if one excites you, download the app and start helping other get what most of us never have to worry about. In fact even if one doesn’t excite you, download the app and run for one anyway!

Here are the charities:

Stand up to Cancer
Feeding America
Every Mother Counts
Autism Speaks
The Michael J. Fox Foundation
World Food Programme
Wounded Warrior Project
The Nature Conservancy
Habitat For Humanity
Pencils of Promise
Achilles International
The Global Fund