Prayer Monday – Language school

So today’s prayer Monday is going to be a little different than my other ones. I started language school today and am in a group of 17 people who come from 12 different countries. Here is what I would like to do. I want to highlight each of the countries and ask for prayers for each country and for each person in my class from that country. Here are the countries and the number of people representing that country.

Kosovo – 1

Russia – 1

Spain – 4

Portugal – 1

Ukraine – 1

China – 1

Turkey – 2

Italy – 2

USA – me!

Romania – 1

Brazil – 1

Greece – 1

If you have a second or two please pray for these countries and these people. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I be a light to them even though the only language we share is the language we are learning?

Prayer Monday – Italy












Just like Ireland, Italy has almost been synonymous with Catholicism. Rome and Vatican city have been the center of Catholicism for so long, but recently Catholicism has lost over 10 million people to cults, paganism and the New Age movement.  Only 23% of Italians actively pursue their Roman Catholic faith and most have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Their is hope for Italians and their faith though. Evangelical leaders are being trained at the Italian Bible institute and a mobilizing website, one church has “given birth” to three new churches in the last seven years and according to Operation World the annual growth of evangelicals in Italy is 1.9%. While that may not be a huge number, it is growth and growth is always a good thing.

The church in Italy could really use your prayers for:

Italian believers to extend the cause of Christ beyond the boundaries of denominations.

The Bible schools in Italy to be well attended and effective in training the church’s future leaders.

The missionaries to bring the Gospel message to as many people as possible.