And I would walk 1 1/4 miles…and I would walk 1 1/4 more (video)

Ok, so that title doesn’t scream catchy for a song, but it sums up my walk from home to work, so I thought it would work! A couple weeks ago I put a video up about the building I will work in and today I will show you how I walk to Kandern (some days).



Hopefully next week I will have the Kandern video all finished so check back!

Ich liebe es!

The title of this blog means “I love it.” What I want to do on a regular basis is show you some of the things that I am loving about my new town and country. Some entries may have videos, some may have pictures and some may be words. Some entries may be a long list and others may be much shorter. Let me introduce you to Germany and allow you to feel like you are here with me.

1. Merci – Kaffee and Sahne (Coffee and Cream) chocolate – This German based chocolate company makes a delicious bar – check it out if you ever get a chance.

2. Fresh pretzels – Oh my gosh they are so soft and delicious here, I can’t even tell you how much I love them!

3. Todtnau Falls – The highest natural falls in Germany. There is a moderately hard trail to the top, but it is worth it for sure.

4. Sankt (Saint) Blasien – The second largest domed Cathedral in Germany. It’s all-white marbled inside is quite a site.

5. Kandern, Germany – The town itself is a cute little town, but it’s history is amazing. There is evidence that it goes back to pre-historic times with the Celts.

6. Riedlingen, Germany – The little village that I will be living in dates back to as early as the early 900’s and looks like the typical quaint village I normally would think of. (More pictures to come later)

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I’m here! (with pictures)

It’s been just over a week and I think my brain just fully caught up with me. Things have been a little crazy in the last two weeks, but I wouldn’t change anything. God has been in the process and He continues to guide me. I may not always like the way things have progressed, but in the end His plan is good!

I thought I would update you all a little on what has been going from a week before I left until now.

  • Right before I left Ohio, my family and some friends helped me pack a container full of stuff that I wouldn’t see for a month or so.
  • Said my tearful goodbyes to my family at Detroit airport (I’m sure I looked rather strange crying while in the security line).
  • Hung out with friends in Maryland.
  • Prayer send-off and Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser where my friends came out in full-force!
  • My flight from DC to Basel, Switzerland had a long layover in London, but other than that was uneventful.

Since my arrival there has been a ridiculous amount of things that have happened (most of which I think I can remember, jet lag definitely kicked my butt!)

  • Courtney and Dana picked me up from the airport and have shown me around town, fed me and shown me some of the other places that I will be going to soon to set up the apartment that I have yet to find.
  • I’ve set up a bank account, gone car shopping, registered as living here, learned how to grocery shop, and a whole bunch of other things you wouldn’t even think would be necessary.
  • On May 13th I am going to start language school in Loerrach. Four hours a day for 24 weeks and that’s just the start! I’m looking forward to it even though I have heard that it is intense and difficult. I’m ready to start speaking German!

That’s all for today, but I plan on sharing more regularly about what’s going on here and other random thoughts that enter my brain. For now I want to leave you with a slideshow of Kandern, Germany, my new town!

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