Indiegogo crowd-funding project

Tomorrow at  4 PM I will be launching a crowd-funding project to help raise a good chunk of my launch fund on This blog is to help people understand how crowd-funding works and to increase awareness as well.

You can find additional help on indiegogo’s website if you click on the titles below but I will highlight some of their thoughts to try to help alleviate any concerns people might have.

How to Contribute

You may contribute to any live campaign by clicking on the “Contribute Now” button. You’ll be able to enter how much you want to contribute, claim your perk, and choose how you want to pay. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit or debit cards, or you can choose to pay via PayPal. All transactions take place in $USD.

Your Information is Secure

 We’re committed to your safety and security. We have safeguards in place to secure the information we collect online, prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information.

How Taxes Work

Unfortunately this project is not tax deductible even though Greater Europe Mission is a non-profit organization. The benefit of donating through this project are the perks.

How Refunds Work

Contributions are nonrefundable. We may refund your contribution if your contribution was accidentally made twice or if the campaign has not raised enough money by its deadline to cover the cost of disbursement. We also refund any contributions made to a Fixed Funding campaign that has not met its goal by its deadline.

The only way this projects ends up being a success is by getting the word out there, that’s where you come in.

How you can help:

  • Chek out the project at after 4 PM July 9th.
  • Ask me any clarifying questions to help make the project even better.
  • Share the project with people by using the tools on the project page, share the project from my facebook page, retweet on twitter or share this blog with your friends and family.
  • Donate through the project for a one-time gift and get a perk.
  • Donate through the project with a one-time gift and then submit a pledge card for monthly support and get two perks.

I would love for you to check out the project and see what perks I am offering, like photo of the month club, peanut butter cookies and others.

Massages helping send me to Germany!

Throughout this month I have been keeping my eye open for things that I am truly grateful for. I didn’t want to come up with stuff that I should be grateful for and write about them. I wanted things that leave my heart happy. This topic wasn’t hard to come up with today. When I first heard about it, I literally could not stop smiling for a while. I got so excited, I could not stop praising God for His wonderfulness.

I am so excited and incredibly appreciative of Serenity Health and Wellness in Maumee, Ohio. I first contacted them about helping me with prizes for the Euchre tournament at my fundraiser. I had only been there twice, but my masseuse mentioned that Serenity likes to do donations for fundraisers. I figured they would do a 50% off massage, or $25 gift card towards their services, but they went well beyond that and that was just the start. For the winning team of the Euchre tournament they offered gift certificates for a free hour-long massage plus a 30 minute infrared sauna treatment. That was an $80 value for each person on the winning team. That alone was awesome. Then they went above and beyond that by offering to set up a referral program for me. For every new customer they get that mentions my name at their first session they will donate money to my launch fund (the fund that gets me to Germany including flight, shipping container, language school, etc.). They then handed me a stack of VIP coupons to hand out to people at my fundraiser that gives the new customers $10 off a massage (I still have some if anyone is interested). This means if you get a cheaper than normal massage, we both get a little relaxation!

I was completely floored by the generosity of Serenity Health and Wellness. I hope you all will join me in prayer to bless them for being a blessing to me.