Why Germany?

A question I get asked a lot is why do I have to go to Germany to create an online course. That is a fantastic question and in fact the answer is quite simply I don’t have to. So why am I raising support to go to Germany when it would be so much cheaper to raise support to live in Colorado (our main headquarters is located near Colorado Springs) or even Toledo? The answer to that question is a little more difficult to answer than a simple yes or no. Technically I could do part of my mission in Toledo, Colorado Springs, or Timbuktu for that matter, but that is only part of the reason I will be living in Germany.

So why Germany?

I feel called by God to Germany. I believe He had me take German in Middle/High school so that I could have a base of knowledge of the language before I go there. I also have always had a love of Germany that stems from my time learning the language and culture. There really does not need to be another reason other than God is leading me there, but I will share a few things that show a great need in Europe, but specifically Europe.

Another reason, albeit a very minor one, is a financial/time reason. In order to do my work well, I need to interact with the partners that I will be working with to create courses for them. Could this be done over the internet? Sure, Skype is a fantastic tool, there are meeting software out there that could also facilitate this, but honestly a face-to-face meeting over a couple of days would probably accomplish more. That and the fact that there is a 6 hour time difference between Ohio and Germany (who gets the joy of meeting early or late?), it costs at least $700 per flight and then I would also be sitting on a plane for a good amount of time which would be at minimum partially wasted. All that makes it more feasible to be effective if I am in Europe as opposed to the US.

Then there is the fact that my creation of online courses is only a part of my mission in Germany. I will be a resident of some neighborhood in some town in Germany which may or may not have many Christians. I can be a good example of a Christian. I will get involved in the town, meet my neighbors, invite them to dinner and start conversations that will hopefully lead to discussing Christ and his impact on my life so that they can understand the impact that He can have on theirs as well. Here are a few stats that may help you understand how much of a need for Christians there really is in Germany.  Over the Christmas season, a poll was taken that showed over 53% of Germans did not wish to attend church at all. That is a stark contrast to the American church where people come out of the woodwork to attend church on Christmas and Easter. Now obviously Christmas church attendance does not mean anything in regards to peoples’ relationship with Christ, but if more than half of the population are not attending Christmas services then the odds are they are not attending most of the rest of the year either.

I hope this helps explain why I have been called to Germany and why every day that passes I am getting more and more excited to get to that wonderful country full of lost people. I hope you will consider joining with me, helping me to get there all the sooner.