Prayer Monday – Montenegro



Montenegro declared independence from Serbia in 2006 after being united with Serbia since the former Yugoslavia dissolved in 1992. Montenegrins call their little country the pearl of the Meditteranean, with its Adriatic coastline, mountains and lakes. It is beautiful, but its rocky landscape parallels the spiritual landscape. Of its 625,500 population, only somewhere in the 2oo’s claim to be active in their faith and attempting to reach others for Christ. It is a small, but growing population of believers with a growth rate of over 5% each year, but because there are so few the impact on a larger level is still to come.

Please pray for:

The evangelical community to reach out and continue to grow at an unprecedented rate.

More missionaries to feel a call to Montenegro as it is one of the least evangelized countries in Europe.

Couples and families to become active believers since family ties dominate every strata of society.