New Challenges

So, I’ve written on here a few times about my need to live healthier. I have found out that I need challenges to provide some encouragement for me to lose some weight and just live healthier  in general. I have been on the lookout for some new challenges and I found too that will provide me with daily goals to achieve. I like that and I thought I would share some info

A while back I stumbled on the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak and immediately wanted to sign up for that. The premise is simple, run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years. 1 mile shouldn’t be too hard to squeeze in most days, so I am excited to start doing that. It also won’t interfere with the running I do with my mom, so it works perfectly for me. It starts in two days and I would love to hear if anyone else is going to try this too!

The second challenge is a little different. It’s called Elf for Health and is based on daily challenges and accountability between perfect strangers. The smart thing about it is they are encouraging the accountability by offering gifts by being the best elf and they are alternating elves so you get three different partners throughout the six weeks. That’s so smart, that way no one gets stuck with a mediocre elf and every elf has a reason to strive to help out their fellow challenger. Every day there is a new challenge, some being harder than others and some being extremely easy (especially for me since there is a no make-up day and I haven’t worn make-up in a while! 😛 ). I am excited for it to start next Monday and I hope some of you will join in too, especially if you are a male, because I am the only man in this that I know of at least.

If we work together we can all become healthier. Join me in one or both of these challenges and lets help honor God by taking care of His temple!