What are you reading right now

I like to read and most times don’t read enough, but I also like to find out what others are reading to add to my long list of books to read in the future.

Here’s my question, what are you reading right now and would you recommend it?

I am currently reading Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas about William Wilberforce who helped bring about the end of the slave trade in England. It is a very good book that is reminding me that God uses all types of people in all types of areas to bring about His plan. i will have a more detailed blog about my thoughts on this book as soon as I finish it.

I am also reading a book I got a while back called When Darkness Falls by James Grippando. I got it when it was free so I thought it was worth a shot. So far it is pretty good, but I am not too far yet.


Today is all about siblings. My brother is getting married tomorrow and since I have to figure out a story to tell about him, I have been thinking a lot about our relationship. I am going to cheat a little today because I’m not going to answer the question until Monday when I get back from Chicago. I still want to hear from you though, so please let me know your stories.

What is one good thing that your sibling has done for you that you will never forget? I want to know something (as personal, silly, or tear-jerking as you want) that your sibling has done for you that was good. No negative thoughts today, only happy ones. I’ll add a comment on here on Monday with my story so if you are interested come on back and check it out.

What if the next five years were your best five years?

Here is the second Friday question. I have to admit, I stole this question from someone. I can’t be too honest about it though, because I have no idea who I stole it from. So if you see it somewhere else don’t think they stole it, because they probably didn’t.

What if the next five years were your best five years? What would that include?

Ever since I heard this question I have periodically thought about what would happen in the next five years if I looked back on my deathbed (morbid I know) and said these were the best five years of my life. It is a tough question for sure and could encapsulate a lot of things, so I will provide only the highlights and not go in detail at all.

  • Married
  • One or maybe two kids (hey it could happen!)
  • Have a major impact in Europe through my ministry, whether I get credit or not
  • Visit as many countries as possible in greater Europe

That’s about it for me. Please comment below giving me one or a few of the things that you would do to view the next five years as your best ever!

Back to Church Sunday – A little rap goes a long way!

I don’t have a lot to say in this post, but I did want to share a video I stumbled on that was posted at this blog, but it originally from Back to Church Sunday, a group that is trying to get people back to church. They have a specific day, September  16, where they are encouraging participating churches to have their congregation invite someone. If that sounds like something you want your church to do, talk to your pastor and have them check out the site.

I want to show you two videos, one that is incredibly silly, featuring some pastors rapping, that definitely made me laugh and another one that is a little more serious and gave me goosebumps. Back to Church has a Youtube channel that has a bunch of videos worth checking out. As soon as I am done writing this blog I am going to let my Pastor know about this plan and see if he is willing to get my church to do this.

Here is the rap video I promised.


and the more serious question video

Dream vacation, what is yours?

So I’m going to try to be a bit more consistent with my blog posts. I am going to continue doing the Prayer Monday’s, Wednesday’s I will be doing a serious topic of some sort and Friday’s I will be trying something new starting today. Every Friday I am going to post a question, answer it for myself briefly and then encourage everyone who stops by to answer it if they feel so inclined. The more comments we get the better this will work so lets start a conversation.

I actually wrote this two days ago, because as some of you know I am in Anchorage, Alaska for 10 days and so I pre-wrote blogs for the next week and a half. Since I am in Alaska, I thought I would start off with a vacation question.

What is your dream vacation? Have you already been on it or is it a “maybe in the future” kind of thing?

Ever since I started studying German in Middle School I always wanted to visit there. I had no specific place in mind, but I kind of expected to see people in lederhosen. In 2009 I got to go to Germany and then followed it up with a second trip the following year while determining if God was calling me there with GEM. Unfortunately though, I did not see any lederhosen.

My other dream vacation may not sound like what most people think of when they think vacation spots. I really want to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo (not going to happen until the fighting stops) because my great-grandpa was a missionary there. He built a church which I would love to find, but I highly doubt it is still there.


I would love to hear where you want to go and why, so comment below and feel free to give others some tips if you have been a place they want to go.

I’m here for you!

I received an e-mail the other week from a supporter who had some questions about my mission. They had some vary valid questions that I probable should have addressed at some point, but either failed to, or didn’t know that I should have addressed them. At first I got a little upset, because I felt like I had the answers, but didn’t know the questions. Then I realized, with some help, that it is my job to answer your questions to help you better understand God’s mission for me so that you will have the same passion I do to team up and help reach the people of Europe! I am grateful now to that supporter for raising good questions so I can help  others who might have the same questions.

I am going to add a question and answer page to this website. Here is the thing though, I don’t know what questions you have. I have a few to start the page off on Wednesday, but I will quickly run out of questions to answer if I don’t get any more.

Here is what I need from you:

  • Ask me questions about what I’m doing now, what I’ll be doing in Germany, etc.
    • Respond to this post
    • Send me an e-mail jacob.coon@gemission.org
    • Find me and ask me in person
  • Ask questions you had, have currently or you think others might have.

Here is what I promise you:

  • I will not be offended, no matter what the question is or how hard it might be for me to hear.
  • It will be completely anonymous (unless you post it here with your name obviously).
  • It will be completely truthful (unless I can’t discuss details about “creative access countries”).
  • It will be completely exhaustive – I will find the answer and do my best to answer the question fully.