Prayer Monday – Sweden




Sweden is the largest Scandinavian country in Northern Europe and has prospered from its political neutrality. It prides itself on being a nation of equality. It has not been at war since 1814 and is one of the world leaders in gender equality. Described as “folkhemmet”, meaning the people’s home, Swedes take care of their own and place family first. Among the most cherished values are materialism, hedonism and individualism. 57% of Sweden claims Christianity and 7% are Evangelicals, but only 1-2% of the members of the church actual attend.

Please join me:

  • Pray for a God-planted curiosity among secular, humanistic Swedish youth.
  • Pray for Christian leaders and educators to be strong apologists for the Biblical worldview.
  • Pray for continued unity within the Church as well as a compulsion to tell Jesus’ story.